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The rise of the crazy handbag

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Understated Bottegas and elegant Birkins will always have a place in any sensible woman’s wardrobe, but don’t you ever feel like putting on an in-your-face kind of unapologetic style every once in a while, just because?

For the faint of heart, dressing up like a cross between Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj can be a bit much, so they whenever they have such whimsical episodes they look to accessories to do the job.

And perhaps these women are in luck, because what we’re witnessing right now is the rise of the crazy handbag. Drawing inspiration from fast food, pop and foreign cultures, these designs are an absolute must-wear for those days when you want to turn heads and grab eyeballs.

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Jeremy Scott for Longchamp

jeremy scott for longchamp

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