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A peek into The Style Chamber

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On the hunt for something unique to wear? That one statement piece which shows the world you’re not just shopping complete magazine editorials and are really in the know of those obscure designers that only hardcore stylephiles are aware of? Look no further than

Stocking all sorts of avant-garde pieces that can transform your look from drab to fab, The Style Chamber is the new online fashion boutique that’s got the local style scene buzzing. Feature such directional designers as Demoo Parkchoonmoo, Boas Kristjanson, Stephan Schneider and Portuguese fashion force Luis Buchinho (whose collection we previewed at Moda Lisboa last season), The Style Chamber is the boutique to shop for anyone who wants to live fiercely and dress adventurously.

We caught up with director of sales Lester Lagda, who has worked with Barney’s New York, Balenciaga and Comme des Garçons, to talk about the inspiration behind this new exciting retail destination, the hottest season trends, and how to incorporate avant-garde pieces into your everyday.

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What is the main thrust behind The Style Chamber?

We are looking to promote new and progressive international brands that were previously unavailable in the region. The Style Chamber offers daring and directional options as an alternative to more recognisable brands. We want to broaden people’s tastes and choices – and through fashion – they can express themselves in creative and individualistic ways.

When and how did TSC come about?

Individuals in the Middle East are renowned for their love of mainstream, high-end fashion. We recognised a void in the market that we wanted to fill: provide an exciting destination where consumers could discover exquisitely crafted, adventurous designs and become inspired. Our clothing collections are largely free of logos and remain unique through innovative design, cut and fabrics.

Who is your ideal customer at TSC?

The Style Chamber’s ideal client is an individual who can wear the clothing – rather than the reverse scenario. In essence, we admire individuals who express strength through wearing our innovative and progressive designs. The Style Chamber’s customer challenges the idea of conventional beauty here in the region.

What do you look for in a designer that is interested in being stocked at TSC?

First and foremost, The Style Chamber seeks out designers that have their finger on the pulse of cutting-edge. Most of our items have an audacious element to them and we try to stock pieces that are slightly conceptual and will stand the test of time. We look at designers that shun the need for mainstream trends and convention and enhance the individuality of the wearer. When we soon begin to look at regional talent, we will consider the same criteria. 

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