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World’s most expensive watch: Graff’s Dh202 million Hallucination

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Think you’re so cool and high-end with your arriviste Rolex Air King? Think again. When it comes to loving (and spending on) the art of watchmaking, the sky really is the limit. You’re no one until your budget comes up to the millions of dirhams.

So for those who have enough dough to buy 10 Malibu beach mansions but would like a much more portable piece to spend their money on, here’s an idea: Get a Hallucination timepiece by Graff.

Aptly named after the kind of mental distortion you’ll experience when you hear the $55 million (Dh 202 million) price tag, the Graff Hallucination is more a piece of really expensive jewellery than a grand complication. The watch features 110 carats of rare coloured diamonds and is a masterpiece of thousands of hours of expert labour. But no matter how exquisite this Graff creation is, you’ll end up checking the clock on your mobile anyway because it’s quite difficult to tell the time with all that bling.

Interested? Book a visit at Graff’s Burj Al Arab and Dubai Mall stores for a private viewing.

graff hallucination 55 million dollar watch



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