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#FashionFailFriday: These jackets make a statement alright

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There’s this idea of fashion being more of an art form than an utilitarian tool that enables people to carry on with their lives and conform with what society expects of them – to be clothed and decent whenever they are in public.

Followers of this ideology are, therefore, always on the look out for something unique, something that makes a statement and resembles art more than it does actual, normal people clothes.

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So, in our efforts to discover the new, the cool and the bizarre on behalf of the few remaining true disciples of artisanal style, we bring you a line of jackets so unlike any other that it actually looks like it’s got one of those souvenir table mats from Karama sewn all over its back. Arts-and-craftsy, eh?

hart hagerty fashionfail dubai 2

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1 Comment

  1. This dresses is looking some traditional style.

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