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#FashionFailFriday: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on VOGUE cover

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It’s gotta be something pretty important – or outrageous – for us to have to publish two stories for #FashionFailFriday in one Friday, but this bit of news deserves everybody’s attention.

The oft-speculated Kim Kardashian VOGUE cover has finally come true, with a teaser of the US title’s April issue just published on its online portal. Kim is joined by husband and loud-mouthed fashion pretender Kanye West, doing God knows what.

One word (or 3) on the Kimye VOGUE cover: WTF?

kim kardashian kanye west vogue cover april 2014

To our dear Anna, life is but a journey filled with mistakes. This is just one of them.


Since it’s the April 2014 issue, could it be an early April fool’s joke? We hope so!

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