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Runway Notebook: Moda Lisboa Spring/Summer 2014

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Not long ago, we were invited to cover the Spring/Summer 2014 edition of Moda Lisboa, the Portuguese capital’s biannual fashion fair that showcases the nation’s most talented designers.

With each packed runway show, we were made more and more acquainted with the unique aesthetic of Portugal’s sartorial craftsmen, something that is easily distinguishable from the dreamy styles usually seen on the catwalks of the Big Four. Moda Lisboa, we realized, was about easy translation to workwear and streetwear, not some kind of unrealistic fashion aspiration.

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We handpicked our favourites from the massive lineup of designer presentations that we attended and noted why we loved their collections for the upcoming Spring.

Aleksandar Protic

Aleksandar Protic | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now

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