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BryanBoy in Dubai: The Interview

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What is the best way to liven up (No, we are not making a mindnumbingly boring Blake Lively pun!) a sleepy long weekend with gloomy skies overhead? Shopping? Queuing for hours for parking to go shopping? We had something better in mind – we caught up with fashion blogger extraordinaire BryanBoy in Dubai.

Flown in to Dubai to promote Furla’s Candy Bag pop-up shop at The Dubai Mall, the fabulous internet sensation met up with La Moda Dubai today for an intimate two-on-one interview with our editors, where Bryan discussed his collaboration with the Italian luxury accessories brand, the secrets to fashion blogging success, his Spring/Summer 2014 trend predictions, and bloggers dressing like Christmas trees.

furla dubai mall candy bag

How did your collaboration with Furla come about?

I’ve always loved the Candy Bag, it’s such an iconic piece. I started my Candy Bag four and half years ago, and people from Furla saw me blog about my bag. We started working together two and a half years ago – I attended their events and I acted pretty much like their ambassador.

What’s special about the Candy Bag?

What I love about Candy is the shape itself and the way it looks. It’s so flexible. Every season, they change it just a little bit, using different materials, styles and textures. It’s so youthful but it’s perfect for every age. My favourite piece from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection is this translucent bag with metal and leather details to dress up the PVC material.

FURLA CANDY dubai mall green leather

Why do you think this is going to be a favourite here?

The Middle East market is all about luxury and on this bag, the leather and metal details make it polished and refined. I know that women here have excellent taste and the way this bag is reiterated for Spring/Summer 2014 is very tasteful.

Are you touring the world to promote this collection?

I don’t know whether they want me to go to Hong Kong where they recently opened a store, but for now it’s just Dubai. We always work throughout the year though, and that’s what’s great about our professional relationship.

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