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Serenity in Sintra

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A trip filled with excitement and quietude is luxury in itself – it’s rare and precious. Our journey to Portugal’s romantic hilly side, Sintra, proves to be so amazing that we wanted to settle there. Read on to know why…
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Things to do in Sintra

In a quiet city like Sintra, you may opt to explore the historical side of Portugal, stroll around its quaint market places or simply stay at its post-palace luxury hotels. In our case, we went to do all.

There are a number of beautiful palaces, castles and museums but we’re guided to visit first the Convento dos Capuchos. Tucked away up of Sintra, the “Capuchos Convent” or “Cork Convent” was established in 1560 by Dom Álvaro de Castro, Counsellor of State to King Sebastião, with the name Convento de Santa Cruz da Serra de Sintra. It is noteworthy for the extreme poverty of its construction, which represents the ideal of the Order of St. Francis of Assisi, and for the extensive use of cork in the protection and decoration of its small spaces.

Convento dos Capuchos

Another notable place to be is the Parque e Palacio de Monserrate. A stunning piece of nature located 4km away from the historic centre of Sintra, the park houses thousands of botanical species and a grand Palace that is under rehabilitation after years of being abandoned. While here, take time to feel the rich history of the palace, marvel at its beauty and enjoy the opportunity to have had the chance to step into it.


Palácio de Monserrate

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