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Serenity in Sintra

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A trip filled with excitement and quietude is luxury in itself – it’s rare and precious. Our journey to Portugal’s romantic hilly side, Sintra, proves to be so amazing that we wanted to settle there. Read on to know why…
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But the beauty of Portugal does extend beyond the warmth of its people. The country, however small it appears on the world map, is a breathtaking land that is filled with palaces, castles, mystery, history and fashion. Its capital, Lisboa (Lisbon), is a magnificent city that is clean, safe and vibrant. Buzzing with tourists, the capital offers a sense of security among travelers since it’s safe to walk around even in the middle of the night. The museums, the streets, the malls and markets are not only great sightseeing spots – they are also perfect locations to bag great finds.

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When in Portugal, it would be a pity to simply marvel at country’s capital. Travelers are advised to pursue their journey to other cities. For some religious devotees, Fatima is a must. For beach fanatics, the Azores, Guincho and Madeira would be heaven. But, for us, whose looking for some luxurious time (meaning serenity mixed with excitement and history), Sintra, a town classified as world heritage by UNESCO, is the place to be.

On our road trip to Sintra from Lisboa, we made stops in neighbouring spots such as Estoril, Cascais and Guincho. The laidback vibe of Estoril and the picturesque view of Cascais kept us awake during our ride.

The two-day stay at hilly Sintra was a breeze, but the memories of the breathtaking landscapes, rich history, amazing food, great weather, and friendliest people would stay forever in our minds and hearts.

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