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Serenity in Sintra

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A trip filled with excitement and quietude is luxury in itself – it’s rare and precious. Our journey to Portugal’s romantic hilly side, Sintra, proves to be so amazing that we wanted to settle there. Read on to know why…
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Flying for seven hours from Dubai was no joke. But the long flight was well compensated when we arrived at the Aeroporto de Lisboa (Lisbon’s international airport). Our pick-up came on time, and in brief exchange on the way to the hotel we’ve made our initial impression of the Portuguese: they are welcoming, friendly and warm.

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Do as the Portuguese do

Everyone speaks in English to make it easy for the tourists to converse. They engage in long discussions to every tourist, every nationality, making no discrimination at all. They tell tales about their country, but never fails to listen to their guests’ own stories. They are very thoughtful hosts, ensuring that their guests enjoy each moment of their stay – mindful of what their guests need even if that entails leaving them alone for some leisure time on their own. They are ready to lend hands and extend their service, yet most of all they are always ready to share a big smile, giving a sense of relief to tourists.

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