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Holidays at Tiffany’s

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Fancy popping by The Dubai Mall? If you’re in the area, be sure not to miss the Tiffany & Co. boutique. The flagship store now boasts of its winter wonderful windows that dazzle in its iconic Tiffany Blue. Think elegant townhouses along Manhattan’s Upper East Side with joyful holiday scenes unfolding within each window display, providing the perfect backdrop to highlight Tiffany’s most classic pieces of stunning diamond jewellery.

Five boutiques across the UAE join in celebrating this annual tradition by famed jeweller.

But aside from being drawn to the beautiful windows, Tiffany & Co. also invites its customers to share holiday gift wishes with friends and family via an iPad stationed near the Tiffany tree in the store. The customer’s gift wish, in the form of a Tiffany branded and holiday themed electronic postcard, can be digitally sent to a recipient anywhere in the world.

Tiffany Holiday Window dubai

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