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By Atelier’s luxified iPhone 5S

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The funny thing about technology’s growth is the complete 180 that it has done in recent years. A decade ago, consumers sought luxury and exclusivity. The fewer people used the same gadgets as you, the better. In the last four years ago, however, people have geared towards buying what people around them have, due in large part to the advent of social media.

But where does that leave connoisseurs of luxury? There are those who prefer having the finer things in life – precious metals, stones and skins – but they cannot risk being a social or technological pariah on the other hand. By Atelier allows true lovers of all things luxe to relive craftsmanship in technology by creating personalized high-quality phones and exclusive services.

The brand has released a collection of luxified iPhone 5S 64GB models, wrapped in exotic materials like alligator, sapphire, and carbon fibre – so connoisseurs can have a phone that stands out from the rest while keeping in touch with new technologies.

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The By Atelier iPhone 5s is available at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons stores in Dubai Mall and Burj Al Arab, and with prices starting from $1,500.

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