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15 editor’s picks from Bullets & Butterflies’ new online store

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Independent fashion boutique Bullets & Butterflies has taken the plunge in online commerce with the launch of its e-boutique, featuring an edited selection of ultra chic wares from niche brands and emerging designers for men and women.

The range of offerings in terms of brand choices is a little lacking (only two brands for women’s bags and jewellery), but we’re sure this will rapidly expand once the online boutique gathers steam. This isn’t a bad thing though, because we loved what we saw on the site despite the lack of designer diversity.

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Below are our 15 must-have picks from the e-store’s eclectic collection, including styles from Angel Jackson, Kage and other off-the-radar labels. It’s never too late to add just a few more items to your Christmas shopping list!

Angel Jackson chevron bag, AED 1,565

angel jackson orange, 1565

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