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1 Face Watch: Time for a cause

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Our love for exquisite, diamond-studded tourbillon-powered timepieces may never fade, but we’re always on the lookout for trendy alternatives that allow more in the way of coordinating our day-to-day looks.

1:Face Watch, a digital LED timekeeper with a clean, simplistic design, fits the bill perfectly. It’s cheap, meaning you can snap up all models available. It’s colourful, so you can match it with whatever shade your mood tells your to wear. And most importantly, it’s for a great cause.

The sale of each watch goes towards supporting a number of charities, with each colour symbolizing a different cause – cancer, poverty, environment, hunger, etc. You pick your colour, you pick your cause.

The 1:Face Watch is available for $40 (AED 150) here.

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