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Haute Luxe: The AED 15,000 perfume by Roja

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While it’s not going to take the world record for being the most expensive perfume ever made (Clive Christian’s AED 1.6 million bottled essence comes to mind), Roja’s new Haute Luxe perfume is still going to make quite a few eyes open wide with its tag price of AED 15,000. Why so pricey? Well, apart from the perfume, within the bottle itself are sparkling bits of 24K gold leaf.

With a base of ginger, cinnamon and other earthy scents, followed by a dash of jasmine and rose de mai, and topped by a distinct note of bergamot, the new fragrance embodies rarity, refined perfection and unrivaled beauty. Parfum Haute Luxe is available in the UAE at Paris Gallery.

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