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Beauty bet: Must-have perfumes for Summer 2013

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Summer is that season of the year when feeling fresh gets as much priority as making sure your style emsembles are on-trend and up-to-date. For that purpose, we’ve narrowed the alternatives down to the hottest fragrance releases to keep you energized this Summer 2013.

The Middle East’s arid climes may try and wear you down, but we Dubai folk always figure out a workaround and get things working our way.

Couleur Kenzo Rose Pink

Dazzling radiance of a chic and shock scent

The trailblazing duo of ROSE spiced up by saffron unravels in a fresh scent of grapefruit and angelica. Created by Jean Jacques and Sylvie Fisher, the Couleur Kenzo Rose Pink is eau de parfum in a woman’s dressing.

Couleur Kenzo Jaune Yellow

Radiant fragrance like a splash of sunlight

A gourmand sunny floral, bergamot and citron, Mediterranean citrus fruits, merge with solar flowers, jasmine and orange blossom,
warmed by vanilla to create this refreshingly upbeat scent.

Chopard Enchanted Golden Absolute

Created by perfumers Dominique Ropion and Jean-Christophe Hérault, this powerful elixir opens with the immaculate, yet intoxicating whiteness of jasmine, the symbolic flower of love and sensuality. An already addictive prelude to the smooth, tempting and succulent note of a plum we long to bite into, like a forbidden fruit.

Utterly hypnotic notes of ylang then burst forth, leading on to the intensity of patchouli and finesse of Gaiac wood, high point of this woody floriental, and final note to the enchantment.

In the continuity of the first opus Enchanted, Golden Absolute brings a new intensity to the fragrance with warmer notes and a deeper, woodier dry-down.

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