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Want to smell like a million dollars? Give House of Sillage’s ‘Love is in the Air’ fragrance a try

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Smelling fresh and attractive is one thing. But giving off an aromatic aura of luxury and aristrocracy is feat not many can accomplish. Perhaps with a little help from House of Sillage’s new “Love is in the Air” fragrance, most of us can pull it off too.

Described as a beautiful plume of songs of new love in the air, the scent projects sweet hints of citrus and plums encircled by roses. A spritz or two of this elixir depicts a memory of a tender stolen kiss embraced harmoniously with precious promises of perfume purities.

House of Sillage ‘Love is in the Air’ fragrance is now available for AED4,990 at the Beauty Department, Ground Floor, Bloomingdale’s-Dubai, The Dubai Mall.

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