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Spring Getaway: Hotel Missoni Kuwait

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Looking for a quick Spring getaway before getting dialed in for a proper Dubai Summer? We’ve got just the right place for you to swing by, and it doesn’t take a long-haul flight to Europe or the US. Hotel Missoni Kuwait awaits and it’s just around the corner.

A hot, humid season is looming, and there’s no better way to revitalise and prepare for the harsh climes ahead than having an immediate fashion infusion that’s going to last until the next circuit of fashion weeks in October.

Iconic Missoni in a hotel

After a quick flight from Dubai, you are whisked off from Kuwait International Airport to Hotel Missoni in one of their transfer cars. It’s not a typical built-in service whenever you stay in a five-star hotel, as guests usually pay extra for limo service from the airport and back (with some hotels charging you upwards of 300 euros), so you will appreciate the glimpse of hospitality that awaits to welcome you.

After about 15 to 20 minutes, you will reach the beautifully adorned entrance of the hotel. A frame of gold ensconces the doorway and projects luxury, while two giant, distinctly Missoni vases, made and flown in from Italy, stand to the left of the entrance, their distinguished stripes inviting guests to get ready for a brief photo op – because they’re the biggest vases (technically, they’re probably called something else) you will ever see, and because they’re so luxe you’d wish you had them too on the porch of your villa.

The lobby greets you with a youthful, dynamic vibe. An energetic atmosphere emanates from the boldly patterned couches where guests wait to check in. Life springs from the interior fountain while accents of gold spell opulence. The overall design makes brilliant use of iconic Missoni elements to beautify the space and accustom guests into a wonderful stay that they’re in for. Once you are inside, it’s the point of no return, and you’re going to make sure you stay within the hotel’s bounds for as long as you can. Our experience was just beginning, and it was so good that we were already dreading the day when we would check out.

An interesting mix of relaxation and energy

We have been so used to checking in to old-world style hotels, whose tones are set by the likes of Ritz and Hotel Pricipe di Savoia, that we honestly had no idea what to expect from a contemporary boutique hotel. It was our first time to set foot in a fashion-oriented property so we had the feeling that the design would be right up our alley. And we couldn’t be more right.

It was a bold and pleasant environment, underlined by shades and prints that pop out from the bedding, the curtains, the couch, and other places we wouldn’t have expected. The hues were an interestingly soothing mix of Summer and Autumn, with a touch of gold here and there, making guests feel both relaxed and vibrant at the same time. Topped with the necessary entertainment and information amenities one could expect in a modern-day hotel room, our room was a perfect marriage of form and function.

Our room, just like all others in the hotel, had a sea view. With the window functioning as a frame, guests can look out from the bed,  watch the glorious sunset and look on to the Gulf and the city beyond. Any hotel can install the most luxurious elements in a room and but we haven’t quite been into one that allowed us to have this beautiful experience, right from our own bed. That, ladies and gentlemen, is intelligent planning and design.

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