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Label to watch: Annada immortalizes regional art onto opulent silk scarves

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Rarely do we get the chance of having talented regional artists feature in the things we wear these days. We’re all consumers of foreign export – merchandise, philosophy and culture – and being able to find wearable artworks made from the Middle East is always a happy occurrence to break the monotony of Western influence.

Cue in Annada, a regional label based out of Bahrain that promises to bring together art, fashion and romance all in one medium of unique scarves designed by Middle Eastern artists.

In 2011, Annada commenced on a journey in partnership with various artists to collaborate on scarves that could be considered as proper works of art. Each of the Annada scarves has a story that tells a sensory experience of color, beauty, strength, softness and ultimate luxury.

Featuring designs by Abbas Al Mosawi, Ghassan Mohsin, Hassan Haider, Mariam Fakhro and Omar Al Rashid, Annada immortalizes the fine work of these five artists onto opulent silk pieces that could reasonably vie for your seasonal Hermès budget for scarves.

They’re different yet familiar, and they don’t obsess too much on equine-inspired imagery, so they do deserve space on everyone’s scarf collection.

We would love for this brand flourish and its reach to encompass more Middle Eastern talent in order to further promote appreciation for homegrown art.

We’ll surely be watching out for how this brand grows in the future, but in the meantime, we’ll be putting in our orders for our fave scarves! Get yours via their virtual boutique at

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