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The Bar Method: The little black dress of fitness

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The Bar Method is the Little Black Dress of fitness. Everybody knows that the LBD is the one dress that gives you instant confidence. It is always in style and the classic, sexy, flattering choice. And when you live in your exercise clothes so that you can workout during your work-days, you deserve to put on something that makes you look ravishing at the end of the week like an LBD.

Can your workout make a difference in how stunning you look? Absolutely! Here are three classic key moves for “insta-confidence” and sculpting a knockout “Little Black Dress” body, straight from The Bar Method founder and creator Burr Leonard.

The Bar Method™ Reverse pushups

Walk into a room wearing a little black dress, and the first thing people will notice is your arms. Sculpted arms tell the world that the body inside your little black dress is that way all over.

Reverse pushups work the largest muscle in your arms, the triceps. When your triceps are carved, they give your entire arm the sculpted appearance that guys can’t take their eyes off. Do an extra set of reverse pushups in every class you take, and bend your elbows more as you go down and up.

The Bar Method™ Arabesque

Moving down from your arms, your glutes give shape and vibrancy to the overall package incased in your dress. A little black dress may be “little” but your glutes need to fill it out, not to mention give it a sexy vivacity when you move around in it. The Bar Method exercise called arabesque is an outstanding glute shaper because it works all your glute muscles simultaneously. Do arabesque in every workout, and in as little as three or four workouts, you’ll see and feel your glutes sit higher and tighter on your rear.

The Bar Method™ Heel lifts

In a little black dress and a glamorous pair of heels, your bare defined calves sparkle like jewelry. So work them during your workouts! The Bar method’s heel lifts gracefully give you the long, lean calves of dancers. Your large glutes play a major role in turning out your hips, so start with heel lifts in a turned-out position to get a bonus lift for your buns as you tone your calves. Then finish with a set done while diagonally leaning into the bar.

Pictured above: Burr Leonard

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