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Need an outfit change? Wear Hussein Chalayan’s transforming dresses and it will only take a second, literally

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Gone are the days when you needed a full hour (well, at the very least) to take your outfit from work to party. With recent advancements in fashion technology, you can now rock a totally different look in one second, wherever you are, even while walking into a party to make a grand entrance.

It all sounds a little late-night home TV shopping, but it actually is true. Hussein Chalayan’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection recently debuted a few of these transforming dresses in Paris and we were completely blown away by the innovation of these frocks. Go from cocktail-length to floor-skimming with a dramatic tug from your neckline. Magically grow a feminine ruffle collar and amaze onlookers with your instant metamorphosis – most celebrities take a nervous breakdown and a flop album before they can do this. Check out the video (skip to 2:36 for the first dress).

Hussein Chalayan’s transforming gowns are currently the talk of the town in the fashion world and we expect more designers to follow suit. He first explored the concept with his mechanically transforming avant-garde creations in 2006, but in hindsight that seemed a little too impractical for anyone’s liking, not to mention much too insect-like.

It’s only a matter of time before these two-in-one dresses trickle down to the mass market and hit Zara’s and H&M’s racks, or so high-street optimists hope.

Video courtesy of Vogue

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