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Love travel? Check out the DKNY Hearts The World collection

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We know most of us here love to travel, but using a specific fragrance that matches the aura of your destination? Well, that’s news to us. That’s obviously not what DKNY’s newest fragrance collection – DKNY [HEARTS] The World is all about, because the idea is to bring the spirit of these cities to you wherever you are (Can’t go to NYC? Bring NYC to you!), but we’re glad to know we could use it either way.

The new perfume collection by DKNY promises to transport you to the chicest cities around the globe one spritz at a time. From a romantic stroll through central park to the country-meets-city scene of London and of course, the ultra-posh streets of Paris.  This is your nonstop ticket to take a bite out of life, wherever you go.

DKNY Be Delicious NYC

Ripe for adventure, New York is all about the energy, the passion, and the chance to belong to something incredible.  Seven years ago, when Donna Karan asked us to create Be Delicious, she requested that we capture the emotion of New York City in a bottle and so Be Delicious was born. Defined by a heart of delicious crisp green apple, the scent is irresistible and easy to fall in love with.  From the chic downtown streets of Soho to the hustle of Times Square to the sleek elegance of the Met Museum, to the peace and quiet of an afternoon in Central Park, New York is the city where the possibilities are endless.  I Heart New York City is Be Delicious.

DKNY Be Delicious PARIS

Inspired by the Parisian woman—impossibly stylish, sophisticated and always put-together—this intoxicating medley of fresh jasmine, violet, and patchouli recalls an afternoon spent strolling through the Jardin du Luxembourg and evenings along the Seine.  A touch of vanilla and Gala apples offer an enticing wink, capturing the delicious atmosphere of the city’s patisseries and open-air markets filled with tempting sweets.

DKNY Be Delicious  LONDON

A mix of English countryside with the heart and soul of the city, this refined scent features spring hyacinth, green apples, rich honeysuckle, blackcurrant buds—and of course, plenty of beautiful English roses that whisk you off to the rolling hills of the Cotswolds.  Bottom notes of warm amber and elegant vetiver lend a sophisticated finish that brings you back to the posh high streets of London with Trafalgar Square and sight-seeing along the Thames.

The collection will be available beginning of February exclusively at Bloomingdales, Dubai Mall.  The suggested retail price of each scent is $66.45/AED 244.

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