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Love Guerlain’s Shalimar? Here’s the limited edition L’Eau Si Sensuelle

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The original Shalimar by Guerlain has always been a big success and a permanent scent in any respectable woman’s armoire, but for those looking for a modern variation of the legendary classic, here’s a new perfume that doesn’t stray too far from its forerunner’s delicate, harmonious notes – the Shalimar L’Eau Si Sensuelle.

L’Eau Si Sensuelle’s delicately frosted bottle reflects a certain softness that bathes intimate atmospheres in a veil of silk, suggesting the oriental delicacy of the Temple of Love. Soft and sensual, a feather in powdery pink tones elegantly adorns the neck of the bottle, reinterpreting the famous tassel that graced the bottles of its predecessors. The pack is decorated with volutes and arabesques that evoke the fabulous Shalimar Gardens and their sublime patios.

Shalimar Parfum Initial L’Eau perpetuates the legend of the eponymous perfume in its own style, like a new initiation into sensuality and innocence. Reinterpreting without betraying, renewing with intelligence and boldness and subtly transforming is the guiding thread of this light scent with tender and velvety accents. For a limited edition, its bottle is being adorned with an exceptional design in celebration of oriental sensuality. With each new creation over time, Guerlain is keeping alive and evolving one of its most iconic perfumes – and a very beautiful story to the glory of a sublime and unending love.

Shalimar Parfum Initial L’Eau highlights an unexpected concentration of citrus notes, notably bergamot, which is a touch greener and zestier than the Eau de Parfum, along with a premium neroli essence. The ardent freshness of the top notes blends with a very particular grade of jasmine, the cult flower at the heart of the famous Guerlinade.

The precise jasmine note used here called for an inspired and complex formulation. Thierry Wasser thus explored the world in search of the most enchanting varieties of Grandiflora jasmine. Particularly India, from where jasmine originates and where its harvest is a real ritual, as well as Egypt and Grasse.

Its selection is meticulous and unequivocal, as required by the tradition of a great perfumer. From these three sources, a jasmine absolute has been extracted with its intrinsic character: from green to fruity or more honeyed. In Thierry Wasser’s hands, all their facets harmonise in a perfectly dosed and desired jasmine communelle that remains virtually identical in olfactory terms from one season to the next. This is also part of the magic of a great creation.

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