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Emilio Pucci hosts launch of Cameron Silver’s Decades: A Century of Fashion

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Emilio Pucci hosted the launch of Cameron Silver’s latest book, Decades: A Century of Fashion, at Palazzo Pucci in Florence last week, in a beautiful party attended by Cameron Silver, Suzy Menkes, Laudomia Pucci, Marchesa Cristina Pucci di Barsento (widow of Emilio Pucci) and Contessa Sibilla della Gherardesca.

Silver runs the most glamorous boutique in LA, where Hollywood royalty goes to find vintage couture that is totally unique and utterly timeless. Cameron is an expert at taking the finest clothing from the past and giving it a second life – and this is what Decades is all about.

This fabulous book is a showcase of the past hundred years of fashion, decade by decade. Every one of the more than 150 photographs is completely contemporary and modern-looking, even as far back as the 1900s. There are rare and previously unpublished images, as well as work by legendary fashion photographers.

Each chapter opens with a pair of women who epitomise rival hot trends, like the luminous Cheryl Tiegs with her sunshine sexiness versus Bianca Jagger, the dark disco goddess of Studio 54. The chapters close with a designer of the decade: think Chanel, YSL and Dior at their most sensational.

Cameron’s witty commentary of twentieth century dressing is both perceptive and funny. This is the hidden story of twentieth century style and innovation, an alternative history which proves that the Edwardians weren’t all buttoned up, the ubiquitous Audrey Hepburn wasn’t the only fashion icon of the fifties, and yes, it was actually possible to dress with elegance in the eighties. Beautiful, bubbling and sassy, Decades is a book that will make you think about vintage fashion in a totally new way.

“When a star says they’re wearing vintage, it’s often thanks to him”
Vanity Fair on Cameron Silver

Since Cameron Silver opened the doors of Decades in 1997, the dress code in Los Angeles has irrevocably changed due – in large part – to Silver exhorting his frequently-photographed, trendsetting clientele to “dress up!”

Creating looks from deep within the closest of Decades, he styles celebrities for major red-carpet appearances, including the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. His impact on runway trends is widely recognized, and he has acted both as public emissary for fashion houses and as secret weapon, consulting on everything from re-imagining a brand’s identity to manoeuvring its global launch.

Named one of Time magazine’s “25 Most Influential Names and Faces in Fashion” in 2002, Silver is a favorite commentator on national television networks. He has also written about luxury for publications including Harper’s Bazaar and C magazine. He is currently filming his new television series, as well as developing further projects for Decades and beyond.

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