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Muscular is the new plus size with MAC’s Strength makeup collection

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The fashion industry has always been a conflicted monster. First there was the fascination with emaciated, anorexic models. Then the industry woke up and started focusing on the plus size trend to celebrate women who can’t be bothered to get in shape.

One we never predicted would actually happen is the shift towards models who are fit. As in models who went to the gym and actually lifted weights, and not just spent countless hours on the treadmill hoping that would change anything.

MAC sent shockwaves across the industry as it unveiled a peek into its Strength makeup collection’s advertising campaign earlier this month. The image depicts a black patent-leather gowned model in dark makeup that’s just a tad softer than Taylor Momsen’s zombie face, flexing her oiled-up biceps in a pose not unlike what you would see in a bodybuilding competition.

Is this step away from 2010’s plus-size crazy going to be a new trend in marketing women’s products? If it is, we’re thankful, because it promotes a body image that’s actually healthy, one that encourages women to exercise. This strays from making excuses for what unfit women actually look like, yet gives them an attainable goal that is leagues different from what stick-thin models promoted.

The Spring 2013 range, promoting dramatic colours reminiscent of Carine Roitfeld’s favourite grunge look, went live online on Christmas Eve and hit the beauty counters at select stores today.

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