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Give your man a foxy makeover with Monsieur Fox

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Here at La Moda, we are always on the look out for under-the-radar start-up fashion brands that deliver just as much quality as the overrated, centuries-old maisons that previous generations of luxury loves have programmed us to love and adore. Today, we shine the spotlight on Monsieur Fox, a unique brand that specializes in accessories that any modern gentleman should always have in his wardrobe.

From cufflinks to tie pins to scarves, Monsieur Fox accessories epitomize the elegance and sophistication of a man while reflecting the playfulness and raw animalistic desires of a hedonist. Working on an emblematic theme with the iconic wild canine as its totem, Monsieur Fox designs feature fox heads, tails and paw prints – all crafted in sterling silver and dramatic rubies for hardware, and lush Italian silk for fabric.

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