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Staycation recommendation: Six Senses Zighy Bay Oman

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The Eid Al Adha holidays are coming up, and while the prospect of raiding 24-hour shopping malls in the middle of the night is oddly interesting, we at La Moda think our readers deserve something a little more out-of-the-box than that.

Staycations are becoming increasingly popular in the Middle East, and we don’t fail to see the reasons why. With airfares soaring to more than double their off-peak rates during the festive season, more and more residents from the UAE and the wider GCC region are starting to see the economy and convenience of exploring the hospitality offerings housed within the region’s borders. Our recommendation for the upcoming Eid Al Adha holidays? Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman.

A mere 2-hour drive from the hustle and bustle of Dubai’s fast-paced cosmopolitan environment, Six Senses Zighy Bay offers a unique concept to vacationing – these days, it’s become a rarity for people who are on holiday to actually do what they’re supposed to do while they’re on holiday. While tourism is a great activity to explore new cities, Six Senses isn’t about that. It’s about disconnecting from the world and having quality personal time away from the usual stresses of everyday life to recharge and rejuvenate.

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The journey is an experience in itself

Six Senses Zighy Bay is located in a secluded bay on Oman’s Musandam Peninsula, hidden behind a range of dramatic mountains and set on a splendid stretch of sandy beach. The Resort resembles in many ways a traditional Omani village, with narrow passages between the individual villas and palm shaded, sandy roads and is an almost car-free environment.

Getting there is already an enjoyable experience in itself. For residents who don’t normally leave the borders of Dubai, this is a perfect excuse to breathe in the beautiful natural landscapes that can be found right within the UAE. Fujairah’s amazing mountains, if they don’t provide you with a humbling experience and give you a new perspective on life, will at least make great sightseeing subjects.

Owing to the unique location of Six Senses Zighy Bay guests have the choice of three arrival experiences: A scenic fifteen minutes speed boat trip;  a winding 4×4 drive down from the hill top overlooking the bay; or travel as a companion passenger with the Six Senses’ professional paraglider. We took the 4×4 route – and a memorable off-roading adventure it was. It’s a bit scary to do this on your own, so even if you drove in an SUV, we recommend letting the friendly hotel drivers take you in their trusty Toyota Prados from the arrival lounge – they do this for a living and they know the twists and turns of the trail like the back of their hand.

After 15 minutes of going up the mountains and down again, you will reach a traditional village by the shore – the view from the top will already give you an idea of what’s in store for you during your stay. As you enter the hotel, you hear the faint sound of the waves gently flowing onto the sandy shores nearby, as if already inviting you to change into your flip flops and take a relaxing walk as soon as you reach your private villa.

Omani-style accommodations

small oman-zighy-bay-hotel-six-senses-new-hotel-pic2

Six Senses Zighy Bay consists of 82 beautifully designed and decorated pool villas which blend into the outstanding landscape. The villas are built in adaptation of traditional Omani Style and are generous in size. We checked into a pool villa and were amazed with the space we had to ourselves – you don’t get this much real estate from a typical hotel. In addition to the 1-bedroom interior, our villa had a private pool and a majlis, where we spent a great amount of time.

We knew we couldn’t leave the resort any moment we wanted, but there wasn’t any legitimate reason to, because everything we needed was right there. Superb dining options, relaxing spa treatments and water leisure activities are enough to keep holidaymakers busy without getting stressed. There’s no comparing that to getting lost on the train in a foreign city.

Dine 300 metres above sea level

At 293 meters above sea level, the mountain-top, modern fine dining restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy an evening overlooking pristine Zighy Bay. Offering a la carte menus, the Chefs delight guests with unique flavour enhancements through new world twists on classic tastes. From your villa, going to Sense on the Edge can take about 10 minutes in one of the resort’s SUV. You can car pool with other guests so you won’t have to wait for the next car going up.

Choose any of the three or five-course set menus with degustation and enjoy as hosts personalize a memorable high-rise dining experience – and they really do take the time to get to know you and initiate a friendly conversation. If 293 meters isn’t high enough, there’s an extra-special and private dining experience; the Starlight Table. Nightly a couple can reserve this intimate table, completely removed from the rest of the restaurant and overlooking all that Zighy Bay has to offer.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are also served at Summer House and Spice Market, two other restaurants in the property if you don’t fancy another bumpy ride up the mountains. Spice Market offers delicacies and comforts from the culinary world of Arabia. Enjoy breakfast and dinner with friends and family in a relaxed Arabic environment among bold colours, sustainable wooden furniture and traditional mud kitchen.

Adjacent to Spice Market is the open-air international restaurant Summer House; the perfect atmosphere for a crisp lunch, afternoon bite, refreshing drinks, and a fulfilling dinner. Enjoy the pool and wadi view while sitting on plush settees in the open-air verandah and savoring sandwich favourites, salads, or enjoying the balanced cuisine menu offerings.

After enjoying gastronomic delights from the three restaurants in the resort, guests can find a large variety of activities to do in the air, on the mountain, on the beach, on, under and in the water:

- A large central swimming pool with poolside service offering an extensive choice of healthy snacks, drinks and sorbets
– Fully equipped Fitness Centre, open-air Spa Pavilion and outdoor Jungle Gym
– Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Pétanque and Table Tennis
– Idyllic beach capturing sunrise
– Non-motorized water-sports, like snorkelling and kayaking
– Water sport activities including water skiing and wake boarding
– Mountain trekking and biking, guided off-road excursions
– Tandem Paragliding and flying a Micro light Aircraft
– Dive Centre, managed and operated by ‘Extra Divers Worldwide’, offering unique underwater experiences and impressions as part of
snorkelling and diving excursions and courses
– Marina, offering Yacht charter and berthing and related services

Overall, it was an amazing break from the holidays we usually take – as you can see from the hotels we’ve featured in this section, we’re urbanites through and through – and we invite all residents who are burned out from their daily routines to try and experience one of the rejuvenating packages offered at Six Senses Zighy Bay.

Book your Eid Al Adha vacation at Six Senses Zighy Bay Oman now.  Visit their website at, send an email to or call +968 26735 888 for more information.

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