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Where to stay in Paris: The Hôtel Ritz

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Hôtel Ritz Paris – seat of history

As fashion people, we hold the Ritz Paris very dear in our hearts. After all, where else can you find a hotel that houses the Coco Chanel suite, where Coco Chanel herself lived for many years?

If only to be physically close to where one of the most renowned women in the history of the business spent an immeasurable amount of time, the style set keeps coming back to the Hôtel Ritz. Perhaps not as close as staying in the Coco Chanel suite per se, because that would set you back close to EUR 10,000 (~ AED 50,000) per night.

 Kate Moss in the Coco Chanel suite in American VOGUE’s tribute to the Ritz Paris

And if you need more convincing on the Ritz’s mesh with the fashion world, here’s a bit of trivia for you: the hotel was the late Gianni Versace’s usual venue for his fashion shows. Donatella Versace is returning to the Ritz in July as the luxury Italian brand resumes its Atelier Versace label, which will unveil its new haute couture collection for Fall/Winter 2012-2013.

The Ritz also boasts of the Hemingway Bar, named after its famous guest Ernest Hemingway. An intimately designed den, the Hemingway Bar is a unique place where refinement and conviviality exist side by side. It’s been named the best bar in the world in Forbes Magazine in 2001, and we couldn’t find any reason to disagree.

Perhaps one of the most noteworthy items in the Ritz’s luxury resume is this: its grandest suite, the Imperial, has been listed by the French government as a national monument in its own right. Prepare to shell out about EUR 14,000 (~ AED 70,000) if you’re contemplating spending a night in a national monument.

The EUR 13,900 per night Imperial Suite

More than just a room in a foreign city

With the list of services and amenities that can be found in the hotel, your stay at the Ritz can be just as much the point of your trip as your own itinerary. Having spent a few nights there, we get the feeling that some people come to Paris just so they could return to their luxurious home away from home.

Top-class dining and entertainment options include the L’Espadon restaurant, the Bar Vendôme and the Ritz Bar. Relaxation awaits at  the Ritz Health Club & Spa, which boasts of treatments to promote well-being and an indoor swimming pool on top of which Gianni and Donatella had both staged couture fashion shows. The École Ritz Escoffier offers cooking courses for guests and coveted programmes for aspiring chefs. Next Page >>

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