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Where to stay in Paris: The Hôtel Ritz

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If, as a hotel, you own the name which brought about the word ritzy, an adjective that means impressively or ostentatiously fancy or stylish, then you’ve probably done something right. Something perfect, actually, if we’re being technical.

And indeed, the Hôtel Ritz Paris has. The first hotel ever to bear the name of its founder, César Ritz, the palatial landmark in the heart of the French capital has accommodated some of the most important, and most powerful people in history since it opened its doors in 1898. Having survived the test of time, being operational for the last 114 years, and Hôtel Ritz Paris effortlessly maintains its legendary status as the arbiter of French luxury to this day.

In our recent trip to Paris, we stayed at the Ritz to see for ourselves if its essence lives up to the opulent façade that outsiders can only view from a distance.

Any image of the Ritz’s entrance can be considered a work of art

French luxury – often imitated, never duplicated

As soon as we got out of the car at Place Vendôme, we were instantly greeted by the hotel’s understated, yet inexplicably beautiful entrance – any decent photo of which could be exhibited in an art gallery.

Mesmerised, we made our way in, only to breathe in a distinct air of old-world exclusivity, of important history – something Dubai has clearly been trying to imitate, but couldn’t quite duplicate. Right then and there, we knew we were in the right place.

 Executive Room at the Hôtel Ritz Paris

The excitement grew more as we were escorted towards our Executive Room – is it as beautiful as it is in the photos we saw as we booked? Who are we kidding – photos are supposed to glorify products, right? And obviously, it wasn’t, but it was amazingly close.

We weren’t disappointed at all with the indulgent interior, the decor, the mouldings and the original paintings. We almost regretted staying at such a divine hotel – we knew we’d have trouble finding the motivation to get out of our room and do what we went to Paris to do in the first place. Next Page >>

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