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Where to stay in Paris: The Hôtel de Crillon

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Architecture, design, and sheer visual excitement

If you stand in awe of the exterior of the Crillon, wait until you set foot inside. A presidential aesthetic awaits to welcome you as you step into the lobby, where shiny marble, wooden furniture, and hushed tones of business/pleasure conversations combine to create an atmosphere that the rich and the powerful call home.

From the majestic lobby, we were brought to our exquisitely furnished suite, where Aubusson carpets, Baccarat chandeliers and Wedgewood medaillons speak of luxury overladen with technologically-advanced amenities. The Junior Suite had a view of the terrace below, which, as we visited in the transition from Winter to Spring, remained unoccupied for the duration of our stay.

The Junior Suite at the Crillon

Again, we faced the same dilemma that we usually have whenever we stay at a luxury hotel. There’s that nagging feeling that we shouldn’t get out of our suite to get our jobs done and instead just savor every moment as the Crillon cradles us in all its glory.

Even the looped video on the TV in the living room got us hooked – it was so captivating that we hadn’t realised we’d been watching the same thing over and over again for an hour. If we weren’t going to be able to get out of the Crillon, we might as well explore the rest of what lies beyond the luxe confines of our plush Junior Suite. Next Page >>

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