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There is no denying that we’ve been in love with online shopping for the longest time (remember zipia?). Obviously, some people find it a different, and somehow limited experience compared to traditional shopping because you can’t see the clothes up close or try them on.

But we’re willing to compromise for the promise of being able to do it at home – and finding unique pieces that we know not very many within our social circles have access to.

You see, La Moda has a fascination with acquiring and wearing rare fashion – it’s something that we seriously take pride in. Comic book nerds collect mint condition back issues of the The Amazing Spiderman, we accumulate sartorial ammo that cannot be found within a thousand-mile radius. We gloat about our online finds, and get satisfaction from our friends’ envy stares. And now, after scouring the worldwide web to satisfy our quest for fresh fashion pieces, we came across a totally juicy one.

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Recently launched is our newest bestfriend/online retail therapist. It is filled with remarkable “animal & environmentally” collections from “Awesome Apparels”, to “Fabulous Footwear” and “Brilliant Bags”, all designed and manufactured in Spain (we’ve heard that Jaime Taylor, an ex-H&M and ex-Topshop guy is the main man behind Juice’s fabulous creations).

Among the many items that caught our attention was the Jello Flexi Wallet & Keycard pouch which is non-slip, water-resistant, stain-resistant and fits snugly in the bag or back pocket.

And, of course, who wouldn’t fall for the Joss Saddle bag? Named after the talented “Joss Stone”, Its perfect “rockstar” chic appeal, especially with its accessory chain belt and triple buckle that can be adjusted to be slung cross-bodied or shortened to slung snugly over one shoulder. Unique and multifunctional, this bag is something you can use for a casual day out (attach its detachable chain and pouch), and transform it to an evening tote (by just removing the accessories). Available in 6 juicy colours to match your look of the day!

Last but not least, check out their divine & casual chic dresses in a wide array of designs and colours to flatter all body types.

Take a look at some of our top picks from the, and be ready to give your plastic a good workout. Rest assured, you’ll have a wonderful time shopping from Juice.

Salivating over these finds already? You’ll find yourself craving for their juicy pieces even more because we are giving you an amazing 20% discount on your order, no minimum purchase required to avail of the discount. Just leave your details and we’ll email you the discount code to enter during check out.

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