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Ferragamo unveils fashionista-worthy Arcobaleno sunglasses

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Finally – something exciting from the House of Ferragamo! Forgive our enthusiasm, but we rarely ever get to see pieces suited for the fashion-forward come from Ferragamo’s usual array of luxe, understated collections.

We’re talking about the brand’s latest line of sunglasses dubbed the Arcobaleno, which we’ve been told was inspired by the casa’s famous wedge sandal with multicoloured bands of suede. This sandal was originally created by Salvatore Ferragamo for Judy Garland in the Thirties and became an iconic symbol of his style and creativity. However, while we say these sunnies are worthy of a fashion person’s attention, we think they still exude a level of sophistication that’s classic Ferragamo.

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Arcobaleno has a wide tortoise acetate frame graced on the temples by sinuous ton-sur-ton curves that flow out along the arms to create a decorative motif of extreme elegance and delicacy.

The colours chosen for the Arcobaleno frame are basics like black and brown, accented by bolder shades like purple and red that act as a foil for the sophisticated chromatic effects and plays of light on the palladium or gilt decorations on the temples and arms, thus giving the sunglasses added verve and interest.

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