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World’s most expensive sunglasses by Chopard coming to Dubai via Paris Gallery

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It seems “most expensive” records just move from the hands of one luxury brand to another these days. Last Summer, we reported on Bvlgari’s Le Gemme sunglasses collection, deemed to be some of priciest shades in the world, starting at $44,000 or a little over AED 160,000.

No more than 12 months later, that record was broken and snatched by Swiss luxury house Chopard for the Jewel Sunglasses, which are now scheduled to launch at Paris Gallery next week. Produced for Chopard by De Rigo Vision, the sunnies are embellished on the face with a total of 51 full-cut River diamonds equal to 4 carats and trimmed in the temples with 60 grams of 24K gold.

The diamonds are set by using a special technique so that the stones are set more closely together than with the classic pavé setting. By being placed this way, the stones create a carpet that lets out a special light.

No news on the exact UAE retail price yet, but if it’s supposed to be the world’s most expensive, it should carry a price tag heftier than Bvlgari’s $44,000. So, who’s getting ready to protect their eyes this Summer with luxury sunglasses that packs a whole lot of sparkle?