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When did people start wearing marble? Bvlgari and Emanuele Rubini think it’s cool

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People have always found ways, using their creativity, to adorn themselves with initially weird things in order to look prettier. And when the effect has been achieved, it seems like it’s the most normal thing to wear as jewellery.

For example, skulls and bones were the domain of cannibalistic tribes – or in a more contemporary setting, of Harley Davidson-riding road hogs – until Alexander McQueen and Zadig & Voltaire turned them into a trendy motif.

Is marble the new skull? We don’t know yet, but a major jewellery brand such as Bvlgari, or a well-known European sculptor like Emanuele Rubini (of the Cenerentola marble shoe fame) using it as a material to craft accessories might be a good indication. Either way, it’s a good thing to get in on it before all knock-offs end up in secret warehouses in Karama.

Bvlgari has unveiled three new additions to its must-have casual jewellery line, the B.zero1, with three earthy shades of marble -green bowenite, lapis blue, tobacco brown – sandwiched into a ring by 18k rose gold. With these new pieces, the luxury brand goes back to its founder Sotirio Voulgaris’ Greek roots and makes use of the same alluring beauty of marble that had fascinated ancient Greek society from the 5th century BC.

Meanwhile, Italian marble sculptor Emanuele Rubini concurrently announced his Black Heart necklace, a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse and her hit album Back to Black. It’s a bit of a hazard, though, even for adults, because the piece is a bit pointy and could really actually be used to give someone a bleeding heart.

*The new B.zero1 ring in marble will be available in all Bulgari shops in the UAE at The Dubai Mall, Emirates Towers Boulevard, Mall of the Emirates and Marina Mall Abu Dhabi, and in Bahrain at Al A’ali Mall.