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Stylish travel essentials by Burberry

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If you are like us, then you’ve probably been spending your time marking your calendar for your Summer vacation. And, if you are like us, you would know that gone are the days when we throw anything into the suitcase and tell ourselves we’ll figure out what to wear from such pile of outfits.

These days, detailed fashion itineraries are just about as important as our travel plans. Whether it’s for a local weekend getaway or an international journey, business or leisure, a must for every traveler is to be organized in putting stuff into that suitcase.

For a real stylish escape, lust over these must-have travel pieces from Burberry. From oversize totes, chic eyewear, classic trench coats to pretty flats, useful scarves and hats – you have something to choose from or at least get inspiration from.

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