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New scents from world’s most expensive perfumer Clive Christian launch at Paris Gallery

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V Men and V Women, two new entries from the private collection of the maker of the world’s most expensive perfumes, Clive Christian, have launched in Dubai during a private event at Paris Gallery last week.

Brand ambassador Victoria Christian, hosted the launch which showcased the unique qualities that have turned the scents into wallet-breaking collectible artifacts.

‘V’ Perfumes are the second release from Clive Christian’s Private Collection and bear the same concentration and complexity for which the House has become synonymous. Clive named ‘V’ Perfumes after his eldest daughter, Victoria.

‘V’ for Men is a Woody-Oriental in which Frankincense, the most important aromatic incense since antiquity, leads the hallmark intensity of precious Woods and Resins.

The Pink, White and Black pepper is interlocked at the core to evoke the ardent vitality of a brave Perfume that brims with absolute masculinity.

‘V’ for women is a White Floral Chypre where Orange Blossom, traditionally associated with joy and betrothal, is embraced by Rose and Jasmine.

Entwined with soothing Chamomile and sensual Lavender, the spirit of this romantic Perfume brims with utter femininity.

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