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MINI by Franca Sozzani? More like Ed Hardy

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We’ve seen so many fashion editors take a stab at designing stuff and only fail miserably in the end. Being a fashion journalist, chronicling and commenting on the styles of times is legitimate enough a career that we just can’t figure out why some people even try to do more.

We present to you today yet another case of an editor trying to do something she’s certainly not capable of doing – a one-off MINI by VOGUE Italia EIC Franca Sozzani.

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Take the British automaker’s coupe cabriolet model, slap on some horribly mismatched gold racing stripes to a nail-polish purple paint job, a ton of floral motifs and Ed Hardy-esque Vogue insignia and you’ve got a limited edition, and certainly limitedly appealing, Sozzani-branded car worth EUR 54,000 (~ AED 250,000).

If they hadn’t told us who’d had a hand in this MINI, our finger would have almost automatically pointed towards Christian Audigier, who we would have imagined to have designed a car to give to Snooki or some other character on Jersey Shore. That would have been a less disappointing, and totally irrelevant (high fashion-wise) bit of news.

Perhaps the only good thing about the Franca-mobile is that the money raised from the auction will be donated towards an AIDS charity.

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