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Make your handbags look brand new with Lovin My Bags

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There’s that age-old problem when it comes to owning luxury purses. If you don’t treat them well, they’re going to fight back by looking like they were bought from a secret counterfeit shop in a Karama flat – no matter how expensive they cost to acquire.

This has been a dilemma for most designer handbag owners: should I or should I not expose my Birkin to the harsh elements? You’d love it if you could wear the purse everyday everywhere and with everything, but protecting it from potential damage becomes too much of a priority that you can no longer enjoying the bag itself.

But that shouldn’t be a problem now as Lovin My Bags, a handbag and leather restoration concept that’s had tremendous success in the US, has finally arrived in Dubai with the opening of its first boutique at the Palm Strip Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road.

Designer Aiisha Ramadan inaugurated Lovin My Bags’ first boutique in the Middle East

Lovin My Bags specializes in the very first system of handbag cleaning, restoration and leather care products developed to prolong the life and beauty of luxury designer handbags and all other leather belongings with utmost professional care.

With the intensity of sheer handbag envy prevalent among women in the Middle East, we predict Lovin My Bags is going to be up to their necks in purses looking to be brought back to their former glory.

Have a handbag that needs some good loving? Contact Lovin My Bags at 04-3866081 or Restoration may take anywhere from one to eight weeks, depending on the amount of work needed.

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