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That horse hair hat at the Dubai World Cup 2012

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French Hairdressing Academy, Formul’A, won Most Creative Hat at this year’s Dubai World Cup Races with their horse hair hat. Take time to digest it because it is what you think it is – a hat shaped like a horse made out of hair.

Another hair-raising spectacle on the race day was hair and beauty salon VOG’s one metre high Burj Khalifa hair hat, which won the runner-up award. To say these “hats” are not amazing would be a complete and utter lie, as they really are demonstrative of what Formul’A and VOG are capable of.

But the wise thing to do is ask why, of all things known to man, did they make hair hats like these? Yes, it’s great to show potential customers what rad things you can do with people’s hair, but has there ever been a race-goer (or anyone for that matter) – in the history of mankind – who walked into a salon and said, “I would like you to make a horse hat out of my hair”? We all know the answer to that.

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