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Summer Bling: Hot picks to outshine them all this season

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We rarely publish anything about getting your bling on, but since it’s almost Summertime, we’re giving our strict fashion protocols a rest and allowing ourselves the guilty pleasure of basking in the sparkle of these hot picks.

Proceed with caution, dear readers, these could be hazardous to your financial health!

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Boucheron’s Ajourée Caméléon watch

Born of the Maison Boucheron’s long-standing fascination with collector’s animals, the Ajourée Chameleon watch is the very embodiment of talisman jewelry. This new 2012 piece combines over 100 diamonds, over 100 tsavorites, over 100 sapphires, and almost ten different colors of stone with a minimalist white textured leather band to achieve a balance between bold and simple.

Theo Fennell Evil Eye diamond key pendant

At AED 76,300, this sure would put a dent on most people’s monthly budget. Theo Fennell puts a new dimension to the ancient talisman native to the Middle East region with this exquisive 18k gold pendant smothered in white and black diamonds and topaz. The evil eye is believed to ward off evil spirits, but be careful of other kinds of entities who would be attracted to such a pricey piece like a moth to a flame. Available at Bloomingdale’s Dubai

Damiani Sophia Loren necklace

A tribute to Italian actress Sophia Loren, this collection by Damiani reflects the elegance, beauty and uniqueness that brought Loren to international stardom and acclaim. This necklace, like the rest of the collection, employs the soft curves of a circle, the warmth of rose gold, and the strength and purity of diamonds to create a piece that epitomises the essence of Sophia Loren.

Stephen Webster Thorn engagement ring and wedding band

Most people wouldn’t go to a jewellery designer as aesthetically alternative as Stephen Webster for an engagement ring, but for those who can pull off a unique piece of rock that both celebrates and ironically underlines the ups and downs of martial marital union, the Thorn engagement ring and wedding band from the designer’s bridal collection is their best bet. Available at Azal, Jumeirah Emirates Towers

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