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Spotted in Milano: Neoprene Birkin copy by Leghila

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While we were strolling down Via Manzano on a business-slash-pleasure trip to Milano, looking for new trinkets to fill our Spring wardrobe with, we couldn’t help but notice yet another take on Hermes’ Birkin handbag.

We discovered a design house called Leghila, known especially for their washable handbags, that actually sells sold a model called the B-Bag, a Birkin copy made entirely out of colourful neoprene material.

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A good look at the collection gave us the conclusion that its humorous, upbeat hues, coupled with the utilitarian and modern feel of neoprene, gunned for a different segment of the fashion market – not something that would cannibalise the existing customer base for Hermes.

But of course, a good look at recent events in the fashion business gave us the idea that it was probably a lawsuit waiting to happen. Any non-official interpretation of the Birkin design, or any recognisable Hermes design for that matter, has always ended up in a lawsuit. Remember Banane Taipei’s canvas totes? The French luxury house filed an IPR lawsuit against the Taiwanese manufacturer for allegedly ripping off images of its Birkin bag.

And we were right. While we haven’t heard of any lawsuit yet, Leghila has acted on their own to discontinue selling the B-Bag, if this “Bye Bye B-Bag” message found on their website is to be believed. They are, instead, Bottega-fying their neoprene collection now. We recommend trying to source a copy, just for the sake of owning something that’s been discontinued.

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