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Pick of the day: Michael Kors Very Bali fragrance

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There’s no better way to welcome the Summer heat than with a spritz of a brand new scent that instantly transports you to the island destination of Bali, Indonesia, where amazing beaches and a carefree lifestyle awaits.

Michael Kors’ Very Bali fragrance, the brand’s latest destination fragrance, will soon be hitting the beauty shelves in Dubai and will be exclusively available at Harvey Nichols from May 20th until June 2nd for AED 243 – nothing when compared to how much it would cost to fly to Bali and stay at the Anantara Seminyak resort.

Of the scent, designer Michael Kors comments, “Bali is my ultimate destination: incredible beaches, remarkable people, and gorgeous, inspiring sights at every turn of the eye.  The only island on the planet where in a single day you can see magnificent rice terraces, shop for divine teak furniture, and eat lunch with your feet in the sand.  What an escape!”

Too bad the scent’s effects are all in the mind, but hey, we’ll take them over whining about constantly rising temperatures any day of the week.

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