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Loriblu’s Luxury edition makes us lust over the packaging just as much as the shoes

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Not everyday do you get your new shoes housed in a quilted leather valise (train case), out of which you’d probably get more use than the stilettos themselves. So when we saw Loriblu’s Luxury edition, we were intrigued.

The models of this limited edition collection are authentic unique pieces that will be only be made to order. Loriblu presented Loriblu Luxury Shoes at the International Luxury Exhibition of Verona, and in two exclusive events organized in the flagship stores of Milan and Rome.

Real masterpieces born from the inspiration of the stylist Graziano Cuccù, Loriblu Luxury Shoes are symbols of extreme elegance and innovative design.

Obviously, the shoes are beautiful in their own right, especially these ornately-detailed Bauletto heels, but when it comes to marketing to women, packaging is just as important as the product itself. We’ve seen this strategy help unknown beauty brands take off to become household names – are we about to see its success in the fashion industry?