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Five minutes with Caroline Sabas, creator of CK Free Blue

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Calvin Klein’s new fragrance for men, the CK Free Blue, is a modern reiteration of 2009’s CK Free scent. Released in 2012, the new eau is fresh, vigorous and modern, opening with inviting notes of lavender, mandarin and spearmint.

Promising masculine freshness with its clean and airy quality, the CK Free Blue targets the cool, modern man. A bright, atmospheric feeling emerges from the scent, as its energetic ozone heart is balanced against a backdrop of warm, pure sensuality.

We spoke to its creator, Caroline Sabas, about the inspiration and the ideal man that suits this exciting new perfume.

What does ckfree blue represent for you?

ckfree blue represents a man who is not trying too hard to smell good but wants to smell confidently clean with a touch of masculinity.

What were the sources of inspiration to create this fragrance?

the source of inspiration to create this fragrance was the feeling of being outside by the ocean. Capturing the essence of a man standing on a beach with salty wind blowing through his hair and across his skin as he watches the waves of the ocean crash in front of him.

How would you describe this fragrance in your own words?

ckfree blue is a unique combination of magnetism and timeless elegance that defines the modern man. This invigorating fresh aquatic with a hint of spice and sensual skin musks combines classic masculine appeal with cool, contemporary elegance. He is undeniably fresh. Unscrupulously clean. Exceptionally masculine.

Could you describe each facet in detail: top, heart, base?

Top: french lavender, chinese mandarin, spear mint
Middle: green cardamom, fresh greens, white nut meg, ozone
Dry: amber crystals, white leather, sheer musk

What makes this fragrance unique?

The unique aspect of ckfree blue is the fact that it has a lot of masculine sexy notes in its depth but keeps its transparent freshness throughout.

Is there anything interesting about the use of lavender in this fragrance? Is it an unusual note to use in a men’s fragrance?

Lavender is frequently used in men’s fragrances and gives a timeless ‘grooming’ effect in the top, which adds to the clean, masculine feel.

If this fragrance was a type of music or fabric, what would it be?

If ckfree blue was a music style it would be jazz; relaxing, confident and dreamy.

If ckfree blue was a type of cloth, it would be a cool linen shirt that a man is wearing on the beach, swaying in the breeze rolling off the ocean.

If you had to present this fragrance to a customer in one sentence what would you say?

This is your everyday fragrance with a sexy modern edge.

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