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Bottega Veneta launches Initials monogramming service – things to mull over before doing it

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There’s a whole market out there who would love nothing more than to splatter their initials on their designer wares – from disposable dress shirts to trusty Keepall 45s. Some people want to cover themselves in design names and logos, these people want to wrap themselves in their own.

So Italian fashion and leather goods house Bottega Veneta listened to their needs and launched Initials, the casa’s own monogramming service. Besides, if they didn’t start offering it to their clients, somebody else would, and huge luxury conglomerates hate third-party providers eating away at potential revenues.

However, if the final product is going to look anything like the tote pictured above, we would advise Bottega customers to proceed with caution. Here are a few key points that we think you should consider before splattering your precious intrecciato with your own initials.

1.) It detracts from the minimalist beauty that is Bottega Veneta’s signature aesthetic. Bottega isn’t known for the Multicolore, Louis Vuitton is. And we’d like to keep it that way.

2.) Anything that potential buyers could point their finger on would lower the resale value of your prized possessions. In the age of democratised fashion, when interest in coveted designer labels has reached an historic high, the chance of you passing on your used Bottegas to an eager arriviste is proportionally high. Someone wanting to buy your bag is interested in seeing Bottega Veneta, not the initials of its previous owner. Unless you’re Angelina Jolie, and you’re probably not.

3.) Seriously, what’s up with printing your initials on your stuff? Whenever we see monogrammed accessories, we always get a mental image of a very old person who lived in an era when monograms were the order of the day, or of someone who won the lottery or married into money and wears Philip Treacy fascinators indoors. All not very good impressions to leave on the world, don’t you think?

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