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Christian Louboutin’s 20th anniversary exhibition at The Dubai Mall

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Since you’re already going shopping on Thursday (who isn’t, right?), why don’t you head on over to The Dubai Mall to add stiletto history lesson to your itinerary?

Master shoemaker Christian Louboutin is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a grand exhibition in Dubai, marking an important milestone for the Parisian brand.

Since opening his first boutique in Paris 20 years ago, Louboutin’s enchanting shoes have firmly stamped their signature on an era, circulating across the world from one famous pair of legs to another, evoking unending enthusiasm from an adoring public.

And of course, this event would mean nothing if there would be no shoes on offer, so here’s a reason to rejoice: A 20th anniversary limited edition capsule collection, launching within the Dubai Mall Christian Louboutin boutique, will offer customers the opportunity to own twenty of his most unforgettable styles, chosen by Louboutin from his vast archive.

Each iconic re-issued style within this edited collection has been carefully updated to fuse the spirit of the original of style with modern tastes.

The exhibition opens tomorrow and will run until April 5th outside the Christian Louboutin boutique on Fashion Avenue, The Dubai Mall.

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