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Pick of the day: Keel’s Simple Diary

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Thanks to our latest discovery, Keel’s Simple Diary helps us keep tabs with our daily thoughts and emotions without the need to write down complicated and overly mushy words.

It’s a quirky diary that presents us with set of questions in multiple choices or open-ended form. It is a fun and unique way of jotting the day’s thoughts but at the same time it allows us to take a retrospective of the day that makes your mind working. Keel’s Simple Diary is quite practical – we don’t need to put so much time and effort in filling out this journal as it makes everything easy for us to record the life’s moments.

Not to say the least, but the appealing pastel colors in which it comes add to its wonderful charm. Plus, it also comes with words of wisdom that are worth pondering.

If you want to get more info or grab a copy of it, check out the website here.

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