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VIDEO: Spoof commercial for Fotoshop by Adobé highlights what’s wrong with beauty advertising

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Experts and consumers alike have been discussing this controversial topic that’s been in our culture since the advent of photo retouching: the perpetuation of virtually unattainable standards of beauty and fitness through altered images in media and advertising.

Many players have tried raising awareness, from magazines trying to undermine the establishment (of skinny alpha models) that they themselves built by booking plus-size models for editorials, to anti-anorexia messages with too much of a shock factor that tend to disengage audiences instead of encourage thinking and discourse.

A new revolutionary beauty product can give you lashes that never end.

But very few of these initiatives actually made any kind of difference in the way people view beauty in the 21st century. Maybe if campaigners tried to use a bit humour, they would get a hold of people’s attention a little longer than our society’s attention-deficit problems allow?

That’s what writer and director Jesse Rosten did through a spoof commercial promoting Fotoshop by Adobé, a faux beauty product that promises to do things only powerful photo-editing software can do – which are usually what all beauty commercials promise anyway.

Bravo to Mr. Rosten for highlighting the problem with today’s beauty industry and its quest to impose such unattainable standards through often [intentionally] misleading advertising. We hope this changes a few things in the way the qualities that make a woman beautiful are portrayed in the media.

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