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Tangerine Tango: 4 ways to wear 2012’s colour of the year

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You’ve all probably heard by now that Honeysuckle’s (think Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods) reign is officially over. Pantone, the world-renowned authority on colour, has named Tangerine Tango as 2012’s colour of the year.

Now, while that’s usually more pertinent to people who are renovating and thinking of hues to splash on their walls, it’s just as important to the fashion world because honestly, nothing changes colours as easily and as indifferently as our industry (literally and metaphorically). Out with the old and in with the new, as they always say.

Now we’re here to give you tips on how to incorporate this year’s key colour without looking like you were stuck in a sartorial blackhole (it’s not Spring/Summer 2011 anymore, so drop the colour blocking).

Tangerine accents

Liven up a monochromatic combo with a tangerine belt or clutch in patent leather. A touch of tangerine’s bright hue against an understated canvas can make an entire outfit standout. Limit the orange-tinged accessories to two-pieces though. Check out: Lanvin for clutch, Victoria Beckham for boxy doctor’s bag

Sunkissed makeup

Tangerine lips? They look so much better than glossy, diabolical red lipstick if you ask us. And it’s not so in your face and so much more dramatic and mysterious. We’re not convinced about eyeshadow, though, because last seasons celebrity misses were too much of a beauty fiasco to handle. Yes, Fergie, we’re talking about you.

Infused patterns

Just because it’s colour of the year it doesn’t mean you should be wearing tangerine all over. Go with a printed dress that features a dash of the shade combined with other colours. Look to Saint Wobil’s SS2012 collection for inspiration.

Orange basics

Let’s face it, the colour is too alive and wearing a frilly dress in this shade would be a bit over the top. Stick to basic blouses paired with a suit in a muted colour from the same palette to tone down tangerine’s vivacious appeal. Think Elie Tahari Spring/Summer 2012.

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