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Pre-Fall 2012 Report: The 82 hottest looks

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Winter 2011 isn’t even over yet but everyone’s already abuzz with excitement for Pre-Fall 2012’s hottest looks. Blame it on the industry’s forward-looking attitude and its followers’ insatiable appetite for fresh trends that is never quite satisfied.

When it comes to planning your Pre-Fall 2012 wardrobe, knowing where to begin can be quite overwhelming, especially when there are thousands of worthy designers out there who just might come out with the perfect outfit that suits your personal style.

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So we’ve decided to carry out the brunt of the work – flipping through over a hundred look books – to bring you the most worthy styles that Pre-Fall 2012 has to offer. From thousands of potential outfits, we’ve narrowed the shopping field down to 82 of our favourite looks. Enjoy our selection of amazing pieces from Alexander Wang to Zac Posen in this must-see edit of Pre-Fall 2012’s collections.

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